Scottish Personalised Rosette Centre – Bird Logo

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This is a great way to update an existing rosette. This style has the Liberal Democrats Liberty Bird logo and personalised to your name and your promoter.

If you have any questions about personalisation of this product and the options available, call us on 07505 412467.

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Scottish Personalised Rosette Centre – with Liberty Bird Logo

Product code: PS 9003

Style C :  Lib-Dem Liberty Bird Logo with your name.

Material: cardboard

Size: 50mm

Handmade in the UK.

The rosette is a “coloured fabric decoration worn by political candidates to identify them in many countries. The rosette, worn on the chest or suit jacket, will show the colours of the political party that the candidate represents” says Wikipedia.

Other options for doorstep campaigning are badges and stickers – whatever works for you.

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